Slow Motion Pictures

by Thom Coombes

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This album was recorded over one long weekend in the Summer of 2012.
Recorded by Len at his cabin, located an hour or two (depending on who was driving) outside the city. Mixed/Mastered by Len later that year back in St. John’s, NFLD.

Questions, comments, concerns, greetings, and pictures of your cat may be sent to:


released April 6, 2013

Thom Coombes: Guitar, Vocals
Steve Doyle: Drums, Back-up Vocals
Len O’Neill: Engineering, Synth, Back-up Vocals
Scott Royle: Keyboard, Guitar and Bass on HMC, Feedback on SPR
Leon White: Bass, Lead Guitar on HMC

With the Tomboys: Melissa Fiander, Meghan Hollett, Aley Waterman

All songs arranged and produced by The Tomcats, except Hey Mr. Cowboy, which was arranged by Scott Royle.

All lyrics by Thom and music by The Tomcats (©2012 SOCAN/ASCAP), except Hey Mr. Cowboy; written by Laura Babineau.



all rights reserved


Thom Coombes St John's, Newfoundland and Labrador

not me. not now.

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Track Name: Around Your Feelings
Death waits patiently, then swoops in for the kill.
I think that I could be ready, and still never have my fill.
Everyone acts like they got all these answers, and still pretend to know more,
but they keep one eye on the dancer, and one hand on the door.

So take as much time as time will allow,
but it meant more to you then than it means to you now.
You can take it to hell, you can take it to town,
but I’d lay it down if I only knew how.
You’re as wise as an owl but you’re a cat on the prowl.
You should know by now how to throw in the towel.

Cause if I tiptoe around your feelings
then I’ll scare the cat onto the ceiling.
It’s not a thought I entertain
when I think of all that pain
in vain.

I was dying of nothing, always afraid.
I cut my loses then because everything evaporates.
I get by on a nickel and a dime, and a day or two with my friends.
I just hope that I can talk some trick into a trend
Track Name: Fashion
She caught my attention at a sci-fi convention,
where I stuck out like a sore thumb.
A natural disaster makes my heart beat faster,
but we go together like the bass and the drum.
I forget to mention I see your best intentions
and I see where you’re coming from.
So why would I get upset just to regret what you expected to be fun.

I’m getting my priorities straight.
Some things may have to wait.
Actors are acting, everyone’s pretending.
You say “Hey! What’s all this about?
You fuck up and then you flake out?”
Actors are acting, everyone’s pretending.

I look my best in a dress but I guess
not thru your eyes.
You never were but always wanted
to be one of the guys.
I’m too young to bite my tongue,
and I’m too dumb to be wise.
But you don’t have to listen to a definition
to give good advice.
Track Name: Back of My Hand
The way
that things turn out
is always weird,
but I’m not scared.
Are You?
Cause if you are, then you are.
I’m not sure if I fully understand
like the back of my hand.
Do you?
Cause if you do, then you do.
But I’m not too worried.
Our situation is blurry.
And I’m in no hurry.
So if we’re going to be late,
enjoy the ride,
the extra time,
seeing sights,
And if we do, then we do.
So should we make
something big
out of nothing no one did,
Because we’re both alone.
You know that it shows?
You’re alone, and it shows.

But I’m not too worried.
Our situation is blurry.
And I’m in no hurry.

So if we’re going to be late,
enjoy the ride,
the extra time,
seeing sights,
And if we do, then we do.

And if we don't, then we won't.
Track Name: Sober as a Judge
I guess it’s easy and it’s hard,
cause we know how it is and we know how it’s not.
But it’s harder than I thought.
Say what you say, it’s the way that you talk.

I knew that it would help
if I could explain just how I felt,
But I kept it to myself,
as if it won’t exist if I don’t bring it up,

Cause it’s hard to talk about
dried-up dreams, watered seeds of doubt.
But you gotta get it out,
If you bottle it up it’s gonna burst back out.

Afraid to age.
Drunk on love.
Impaired by rage.
None of the above.

I’m as sober as a judge,
but I can feel what I can’t touch.

I guess it’s hard to rid a demon,
cause they’re not always gone when you can’t see them.
I wonder how to free them.
I saw a picture of me and I wanted to be him.

I guess we can’t turn back,
so I’m glad to take a chance on all that we could have.
So I am fine with that;
To me it doesn’t seem to be so bad.

But I know that it is true,
that I only make things harder on you.
And I wonder what to do,
with the one thing I can’t afford to lose.
Track Name: Making Faces
You ought to be so vague,
and keep the cat in the bag.
You gotta keep your distance,
for instance
what were you afraid to show me?
You know me.
Why do I assume
that everybody feels the same as I do?

Leave it all behind,
make it look easy.
Does it ever cross your mind
when you see me?
Leave it all behind,
don't make it look hard
if it's not.

I wasn't gone that long, but it felt like ages,
took no time to turn the pages.
I keep asking questions I don't know,
but, honey, I hope so.
Tired, expired smiles on the traces,
are we making faces?
I could never tell what you're taking,
or the faces you're making.
Track Name: Soda Pop Rock
I'm a guy with a tie,
tied too tight,
and a dollar, blue collar
dyed to white.

If you try to get by,
by staying inside,
then you’re as broke as a joke
that you can never hide.

So no vision or decision
needs to be made.
I'm sold but I'm told
that I'm never getting paid.

So true, I.O.U.
is just a figure of speech.
Don't call yourself a hunter
if you’re only a leech.

I’m sitting here drinking,
thinking soda pop rock,
trying and deciding
if I'm buying or not.
(I’m not.)

Sitting here drinking,
thinking soda pop rock,
crunching numbers,
munching junk food for thought

Your jokes are as dry
and lame as I damp squib
but I like 'em all the same
by the cut of your jib.

I could drive for a month
to try to get away
but when I open my mouth
I still have nothing to say.

So tell me what the hell
am I supposed to do with this?
You’re always asking “why?”
I’m asking “what if?”

I’m sitting here drinking,
thinking soda pop rock,
trying and deciding
if I'm buying or not.

I’m sitting here drinking,
thinking soda pop rock.
I'm neither here nor there
but I'm right where you want.
Track Name: Hey Mister Cowboy
Hey, Mr.Cowboy,
come spend the night with me.
I won't call you lover,
or tell you who you should be.
I won't call you in the morning
if you don't go calling me.

Cause I've been burned so bad
by the boys and the weather,
And the rains comin' down.
Spend the night with me.

Heya, honey,
Won't you buy this gal a drink?
(a shot of whisky!)
A beer or two will do,
you've got lots more coming to you.
I'm feeling a little lonely,
So tell me are you lonely, too?

Cause I've been burned so bad
by the boys and the weather,
And the rains comin' down.
Spend the night with me.